Grow Your Economy

You need Income Shifting


America is the wealthiest country in the world but yet...

Only about 5% of people born in America, ever become financially successful or wealthy by their 65th birthday.

Employ Income Shifting strategies of the wealthy

Change your financial future, reduce taxes, eliminate debt, increase income and build assets. Apply this strategy now, it's a simple, practical and proven key to improving your personal economy.

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OUR MISSION - Personal Finance

to empower families to change their lives through income shifting strategies

Business Essentials


Integrated Business Solutions

Our offerings are designed for small and midsize businesses and include: full service HR, Payroll and Bookkeeping & Accounting solutions.

HRIS systems enables seamless management of your employees Life Cycle, Audits & Compliance, Technology, Automation and much more.

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OUR MISSION - Business Solutions

to partner with businesses while providing first-class solutions leading to their economic success

Tax Prep & Planning


Tax preparation

Tax Preparation is calculating the tax liability you incurred within a past year, ending December 31. Let's get you the Maximum refund due to you!

Tax planning

This should be a top financial priority in order to to minimize your tax liability. Implement this tax efficiency and re-position any new cash flow from high taxes to paying down debts, investing or improving your lifestyle.

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Products & Services


Partnering with top affiliates and providers

  • myEcon Income Shifting:  strategies for creating personal financial success
  • Personal Finance Tools:  income shifting software - cash flow management & planning
  • Credit Solutions:  repair, education and monitoring
  • Accounting Tools:  like Quickbooks and Gusto
  • Identity Protection:  protection, monitoring and restoration
  • Travel Discounts:  special deals, with travel search engines
  • Hundreds more:  like legal services and over a thousand retailers and providers

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